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Maserati Reviews

After a career building cars for Grand Prix racing, Maserati began to focus on road cars from 1946 with the impressive A6/1500. But it was with the 3500GT of 1957 that Maserati became a true Ferrari challenger. It continued in that vein over the next few decades with models such as the Ghibli and Bora being stand-out  offerings.

The latter was built while Citroën owned the firm, between 1969 and 1975, and after the French firm pulled out, when it hit ecomomic difficulties, De Tomaso then took over and Maseratis increasingly shared their components with its former rival. The 1980s were the Biturbo years, but Maserati returned to form when it joined Ferrari as part of the Fiat Group in the mid-1990s.

Good: Fabulous Touring styling, race-bred chassis, howling straight-six engine with genuine Grand Prix character
Bad: Delicate and highly strung, best used on very special occasions
Good: Excellent performance, beautiful styling, fully equipped
Bad: Not quite as focused a sports tourer as the Ferrari 250
Good: Brilliant performance and excellent handling
Bad: Styling wasn't its best aspect, especially compared with the Sebring
Good: Fast four-door, with few rivals in its day, V8 engine is a gem
Bad: Frua styling is less than happy
Good: Striking styling, seating for four (friends), excellent performance from that wonderful V8
Bad: For the ultimate thrills, you're better off with a two-seat Ghibli
Good: A true Daytona rival, but at a more realistic price
Bad: Not as fast as its rival from Maranello
Good: Terrific handling, excellent high speed stability, and amazing good looks, a proper mid-engined supercar
Good: Supreme high speed GT car with 160mph-plus potential
Bad: Citroen steering and brakes take some getting used to
Good: Citroen SM running gear, chassis and hydraulics...
Bad: ...weren't enough to haul this seriously heavy four-door with any sense of urgency
Good: A Bora but without the outlandish thirst
Bad: V6 power probably didn't cut it against Lamborghini and Ferrari's V8s
Good: Maserati V8 power
Bad: It was a re-engined De Tomaso Longchamp, and was considerably more expensive
Good: That Maserati V8, neat Giugiaro styling
Bad: Not nearly fast enough for a car that ended up rivalling the Mercedes-Benz 560SEL
Good: A very affordable Maserati
Bad: All but the best are bangers, repair costs are the same as the older supercars
Good: Fast and fun to drive
Bad: Truncated look does it no favours
Good: Gandini styling and those wonderful rear arches
Bad: Overlooked by far too many fast car fans
Good: A brilliant sporting Maserati, a racing category with grids full of these cars
Bad: A true pain to keep on the road