Maserati Ghibli II (1992 – 1997) Review

Maserati Ghibli II (1992 – 1997) At A Glance


+A brilliant sporting Maserati, a racing category with grids full of these cars

-A true pain to keep on the road

The return of the Maserati Ghibli in 1992 was trumpted by its maker as a hugely important milestone - but the name that had once adorned one of the world's greatest suprcars was now being used on a (very effective, admittedly facelift of the Biturbo).

It was actually a lower powered variation of the Shamal theme, retaining the Biturbo’s V6 power units. In top-of-the-range form, the 2.8-litre V6 was available with a six-speed manual or four-speed auto. However, the 2-litre V6 was the real headline grabber, pushing out a remarkable 306bhp – giving the two-door a real turn of speed. It formed the basis of a GT racer, and special editions based on this specification (such as the Ghibli Open Cup) are highly soughtafter today.

What does a Maserati Ghibli II (1992 – 1997) cost?