Maserati Biturbo (1981 – 1994) Review

Maserati Biturbo (1981 – 1994) At A Glance


+A very affordable Maserati

-All but the best are bangers, repair costs are the same as the older supercars

The 1981 Maserati Biturbo was solid proof that Alejandro DeTomaso wanted to take Maserati in a new - downward -- direction. Since 1976, the company had been developing a new small car that - it hoped - would combine Maserati's prestige with a realistic price tag to go fighting the BMW 3-Series.

At the heart of the new car was a new three valves per cylinder quad-cam 2-litre V6, which developed 180bhp thanks to its pair of turbos. The interior was plush – and its centrepiece clock was impressive and slightly chintzy. It was an interesting new direction for Maserati, although big sales were never forthcoming. The four-door 425, introduced in 1983, added appeal, and subsequently, it was this car that underpinned all future models until the arrival of the 3200GT.

What does a Maserati Biturbo (1981 – 1994) cost?