Maserati Khamsin (1973 – 1982) Review

Maserati Khamsin (1973 – 1982) At A Glance


+Supreme high speed GT car with 160mph-plus potential

-Citroen steering and brakes take some getting used to

Despite its new-found commitment to the mid-engined cause, the Maserati Khamsin arrived in 1973 as its maker's commitment to the old-fashioned GT. It was a departure from the Ghibli and Indy in terms of design, as it now wore a Bertone sharp suit. The Italian design house also conceived its updated body engineering.

The suspension and steering were closely related to the mid-engined cars but the high geared power assisted steering and high pressure braking system were lifted straight from the Citroën SM. The low-effort set-up proved remarkably successful once owners had acclimatised to it, even if it was at odds with the super-stiff chassis settings. Poor interior layout and visibility were negated by the 320bhp from its 4.9-litre Indy engine – over 150mph was possible.

What does a Maserati Khamsin (1973 – 1982) cost?