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Maserati Karif (1988 - 1992)

Last updated 27 March 2013

Fast and fun to drive
Truncated look does it no favours


The Maserati Karif was introduced to take the Biturbo further upmarket, offering higher performance and excellent handling from what was essentially a theme based on the Biturbo. The Karif used the Spyder's shortened platform, which did the styling no favours whatsoever.

But it was fast - and for Maserati, that was all that mattered. I was powered by a 2.8-litre quad-cam V6 with three-valves per cylinder and a maximum power output of 285bhp. 0-60mph time was 4.8 seconds and the maximum speed was a distinnctly un-Biturbo-like 158mph. Forgotten now by all but a few enthusiasts.