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Land Rover Reviews

Land Rover started out as a model, and not a marque at all. It was the name of the first off-roader built by the Rover Car Company in 1948. But over the years, and as the range expanded, so Land Rover became a marque in its own right, with vehicles such as the Range Rover, Defender, Freelander and Discovery forming part of the company car park.

Land Rover was separated from its parent in the 1990s (a process begun in 1980) and was sold to Ford in 2000 when then-owner BMW broke up the group. Following Land Rover's move to Ford, it became closely connected with Jaguar, with much engineering, design and production shared between the two comanies. Ford’s financial troubles forced it to sell Jaguar Land Rover to Indian conglomerate Tata in 2008; with the acquisition of Land Rover came the rights to the parent Rover name as well.

Good: Fantastic off road and excellent view out. Fold-down occasional seats turn it into a seven-seater. Revived concept of original Range Rover.
Bad: Very poor build quality and plagued by unreliability. V8s are very thirsty.
Good: Brilliant off-road and better on road than the previous version. Good view out. Five-door option. Some models have seven forward-facing seats.
Bad: Poor build quality. Dogged by reliability problems. V8s heavy on the petrol.
Good: Roomy, comfortable cabin with child-friendly views from the back seat. Plenty for sale out there. Good off-road ability.
Bad: Not as sharp to drive as a CR-V, RAV4 or X-Trail. Niggling reliability problems. 1.8 petrol engine leaks coolant and expires. Fared badly in JD Power Customer Satisfaction Surveys.
Good: Classless styling, a design icon, excellent on-road, unstoppable off-road, V8 engine and transmission a known quantity, practical, brilliant parts and technical support
Bad: Some early parts of unobtainable, the fashionista has taken the Range Rover to its collective bosom so values are sky-rocketing - bad if you're hoping to buy one
Good: Fantastically able and comfortable over tough terrain. Better road manners than previous version. Strong image.
Bad: Poor build quality and reliability problems. V8 guzzles petrol. Standard BMW diesel very slow unless chipped.
Good: The original Land Rover, still accepted eveywhere, and still unbeatable off-road
Bad: Noisy, crude and slow on the road
Good: Many improvements over the original Land Rover, and still the best off-road, now available with diesel engines too
Bad: Still slow and crude on the road
Good: Improved styling and safety equipment, more options, the late arrival of the V8 version in 1979
Bad: Not really any better to drive on the road, but its shortcomings were even more apparent thanks to the sheer number of rivals it was up against

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