Land Rover Discovery (1989 – 1998) Review

Land Rover Discovery (1989 – 1998) At A Glance


+Fantastic off road and excellent view out. Fold-down occasional seats turn it into a seven-seater. Revived concept of original Range Rover.

-Very poor build quality and plagued by unreliability. V8s are very thirsty.

Cheaper than Range Rover launched in 1989 with five or seven seats, three or five doors, to cover the lower end of the Range Rover market, allowing the Range Rover itself to go steadily up market and more expensive (and more profitable).

Ask Honest John

Which SUVs have the biggest boot?

"Could you tell me which SUVs have the largest boot space, please? "
For outright boot space, you probably won't beat something like a Land Rover Discovery. It has a huge 1137-litre boot when five seats are in use – although this drops to a paltry 258 litres when carrying seven people. For a more affordable alternative, consider a Skoda Kodiaq. Five-seat models can carry 835 litres of luggage, while the seven-seat version can take 765 litres when in five-seat mode.
Answered by Andrew Brady

Is a 1997 Land Rover Discovery going to be a lot of trouble?

"Someone in my family is keen to buy a Land Rover Discovery Mk1 (2.5-litre diesel), which has been converted into a one-person camper van. It's a 1997 reg and the asking price is £3995. This seems to be a very high price for potentially a lot of trouble. Please give me your opinion."
It is strong money for potentially a lot of trouble but, with the rise in staycations, the campervan market is extremely buoyant at the moment. Its value comes down to its condition and the quality of the conversion. The original Discovery is practically a classic car and most have now been scrapped (often due to rust issues). If it's a rust-free example that's been sympathetically converted into a camper using good materials and the right insulation, £4000 could be a bargain. If it's a rusty heap with a mattress chucked into the back, it probably isn't worth £1000.
Answered by Andrew Brady
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