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Land Rover Series I (1948 - 1957)

Last updated 6 February 2016

The original Land Rover, still accepted eveywhere, and still unbeatable off-road
Noisy, crude and slow on the road


The original Land Rover was the brainchild of Rover’s chief engineer, Maurice Wilks, owned a ‘demobbed’ Jeep, was impressed with its abilities, and wanted to create his own version to build in the Rover factory in Solihull. The idea to actually build one came in 1947 as his Jeep was worn out and as there was no British replacement on the market...

The new off-road Rover was developed in double-quick time, and by the end of 1948, was shown to the public for the first time. The Land Rover and proved so popular that demand massively outstripped supply – and the Series 1 went on to become an enduring success that helped keep the rest of Rover afloat during the lean years of the 1950s. The Series 1 was originally offered in 80-inch short wheelbase form and as a 107-inch LWB, but throughout its run, the SWB was extended - first 86- then 88-inches. Engines were by Rover - first the 1.6-litre from the P3, and followed by a 2.0-litre. The earliest cars are worth the most - but despite their age, many still enjoy hard working lives.

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