Land Rover Series II (1958 – 1971) Review

Land Rover Series II (1958 – 1971) At A Glance


+Many improvements over the original Land Rover, and still the best off-road, now available with diesel engines too

-Still slow and crude on the road

The Land Rover Series II was launched 10 years after the appearance of the original car, and was an exercise in improving the product without changing its intrinsic appeal. Which was a good thing, as a decade after its launch the Land Rover was still proving to be hugely popular.

The Series II was easily identifiable by its revised styling, but it was also re-engined, now powered by a new 2.25-litre petrol engine. The Series IIA that followed 18 months later was further improved to include a 2.6-litre petrol engine in the LWB version, and a new 2.25-litre diesel, significantly enhancing the Land Rover’s appeal in export markets. It was this design that stayed in production – basically unchanged – until 1990.

It's still considered the ultimate DIY car - Land Rovers are revered for the ease with which you can work on them, and the longevity of their bodies and simple mechanical parts.

Ask Honest John

How much is my 1968 Land Rover Series 2a Carawagon worth?

"Our beloved 1968 Land Rover Series 2a Carawagon has been owend since May 2000. Although no longer requiring yealy MOT's, the Landy has been regularly maintaind only by professional Land Rover specialists and supported by all MOT's, work and parts invoices. Regrettably, my health has been severly rocked and I am no longer able to tour as we used to and, sadly, I have to sell. I am therefore writing to you for your guidence over price and best place to advertise. "
Given the relatively rarity and good maintenance of your vehicle, we would suggest selling your car through a Land Rover owners' forum or club, as you will likely find many knowledgable and enthusiastic fans of the brand who will appreciate your example. Valuing your car is more difficult, as it very much depends on condition and demand for this particular year and specification, but again you should find that members of these forums and clubs will be able to assist with this. You can also look for similar examples for sale to gauge current prices.
Answered by David Ross

How much is an original Land Rover Series 2a worth?

"I have an original Series 2a Land Rover which is very tidy and has 48,000 miles. What would it be worth if I was thinking of selling?"
Prices for these can vary wildly. It's not unusual to see a good one at a dealer for more than £10k, while an example that's pretty good but needs a tiny bit of work will cost about £7000. The best things to do is try to find a model that's in a similar condition to yours and price it accordingly.
Answered by Keith Moody

How easy is it to get spares for a Series 2 and Series 3 Land Rover models?

"How easy is it to get spares for a Series 2 and Series 3 Land Rover models?"
It depends on what parts you need, but basic service items are available. We spoke to Paddock Spares, who said: 'Some parts for the six-cylinder engines are very hard to get now.' There is a company called Dunsfold Land Rover, which specialises in obsolete parts.
Answered by Keith Moody

Do you know how much a Land Rover Series 2 is worth?

"Could you tell me how much a 1959 Land Rover Series 2 is worth?"
While we can't provide an exact price for your specific model, we can give you a guide. The very best models will command around £15,000, while a usable one that needs a bit of work can be picked up for £5000. Projects tend to be around the £2000 mark. The value of your car will depend on a variety of things such as mileage, condition, service history, etc.
Answered by Keith Moody
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