Land Rover Series III (1971 – 1985) Review

Land Rover Series III (1971 – 1985) At A Glance


+Improved styling and safety equipment, more options, the late arrival of the V8 version in 1979

-Not really any better to drive on the road, but its shortcomings were even more apparent thanks to the sheer number of rivals it was up against

The Land Rover Series III was a masterful facelift overseen by Range Rover designer David Bache of a product that continued to sell well across the world, despite increasingly tough opposition from a number of rivals, most notably Toyota.

Series III improvements are easy to spot thanks to the headlamps being moved to the front wings and updated stylised plastic radiator grille. The updated – more safety conscious – interior and all synchromesh gearbox acknowledged the opposition was catching up, and the arrival of overdrive catered for those who needed their Land Rovers for serious on-road work. Despite this, they were still noisy, cramped and not terribly good on asphalt.

It was during the Series III production in 1979 that the Rover V8 engine (in low compression form) was added to the range. It was export-only at first, but came to the UK to pick up a small but loyal fan base.

Ask Honest John

How easy is it to get spares for a Series 2 and Series 3 Land Rover models?

"How easy is it to get spares for a Series 2 and Series 3 Land Rover models?"
It depends on what parts you need, but basic service items are available. We spoke to Paddock Spares, who said: 'Some parts for the six-cylinder engines are very hard to get now.' There is a company called Dunsfold Land Rover, which specialises in obsolete parts.
Answered by Keith Moody

Classic car insurance for a 17 year old

"My 17 year old son would like to renovate a 1974 Series 3 Land Rover; how do we find out what insurance group it will be? "
The insurance group is irrelevant. You simply have to try to find a classic car insurer that will cover him. Links in this directory:
Answered by Honest John

Will a brief lack of lead substitute damage the engine of my Series III Land Rover?

"I normally add some lead substitute to the tank of our 1980's Series III Land Rover. The other day I didn't (because the garage didn't have any on its shelves and I then forgot about it). So with a full tank of unleaded I went for a 60 mile drive up and down the hills of Exmoor. Do you think the absence of a substitute would have led to damage to the engine? The only real difference since the drive is that the car is tending to stall on tickover unless a bit of choke is used - though there may be a coincidental issue with the engine apparently not warming up properly. As ever I'd be very grateful for your advice."
No. The stuff coats the valves and valve seats and stays there for some time. But obviously it will eventually start to disappear.
Answered by Honest John
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