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Lamborghini Reviews

Ferruccio Lamborghini started building cars deciding that he could build better super sports cars than Enzo Ferrari. Setting himself a tough target, Ferruccio adopted a rampant bull logo, assembled a dream team of engineers and designers, notably Giotto Bizzarini, who created the V12 engine, and Giampaolo Dallara, who sorted out the chassis. He then launched the V12 350GT in 1964 after previewing it with the GTV prototype the previous year.

But what really made the company was the mid-engined Miura three years later. Its subsequent run of over-the-top supercars directly leads back to this car, and although Lamborghini's had some tough times - via a Swiss syndicate in 1972; bankruptcy in 1977; then the Mimrams; then Chrysler in 1987; and finally to Audi in 1998. It's been a rocky road, but Lamborghini goes from strength to strength today, still doing what it does best - building extreme supercars.

Good: The Lamborghini legend starts here, lovely interior details with quirky styling inside, shrieking V12 is great in either guise, strong performance
Bad: Rust, watch out for low-quality restoration work
Good: Possibly the most beautiful car ever made, blinding performance, incredible soundtrack
Bad: Driving position doesn't suit most people, obstructive gearchange, scary handling at high speed unless it's been uprated
Good: Wonderful V12 Lamborghini engine, still fast even by today's standards, a great long-distance tourer
Bad: If not cherished it will be unreliable, styling curiously bland, driving position compromised
Good: Great styling, brilliant V12, ample performance, the ability to clear the outside lane like no other car, seating for four
Bad: Rust, huge thirst, servicing and rebuild costs
Good: All the positives of owning a V12 Lamborghini
Bad: Rather a lot of negatives, including the challenging styling
Good: Wedgy styling, excellent V8 engine a gem, seating for four (at a push), sweet to drive, roomy for two
Bad: P200 and P250 make the right noises but really aren't fast enough
Good: The ultimate supercar of the '70s, brilliant V12 engine, amazing styling with scissor doors, and QV models capable of well over 180mph
Bad: Hard to drive quietly
Good: Targa top and a tuneful V8 make a very appealing combination
Bad: Not as good to drive as a Ferrari 308GTS
Good: The final iteration of the Urraco and probably the best
Bad: Improved interior was an ergonomic mess, wasn't replaced until the Gallardo was launched in 2003
Good: Towering performance, howling V12, all-weather security (relatively speaking) of its all-wheel drive system
Bad: Design lacks the drama of the predecessor Countach or replacement Murcielago despite gaining extra scoops and spoilers along the way