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Lamborghini Jalpa (1981 - 1988)

Last updated 26 March 2013

The final iteration of the Urraco and probably the best
Improved interior was an ergonomic mess, wasn't replaced until the Gallardo was launched in 2003
were produced
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The Lamborghini Jalpa wasn't really a new car at all, but a comprehensive facelift of the exceedingly rare Silhouette. Like that car, its Urraco roots are easy to see, making it a bit of an uneasy fusion of 1970s and '80s design influences. The Jalpa was interesting because it marked the return of a car that had been out of production for two years, but tied in with Lamborghini's seemingly much more stable financial situation.

The Jalpa was usefully quicker than the Silhouette thanks to its enlarged (by Alfieri) 3.5-litre V8 engine, but the  '70s throwback styling and Airfix interior should have been a barrier to sales. However, during its nine-year  production run, the Jalpa bucked the trend and sold 200 in its most successful year – making it Lamborghini's biggest-selling (of an admittedly short line) V8.

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