Lamborghini Silhouette (1976 – 1979) Review

Lamborghini Silhouette (1976 – 1979) At A Glance


+Targa top and a tuneful V8 make a very appealing combination

-Not as good to drive as a Ferrari 308GTS

The Lamborghini Silhouette P300 was effectively an Urraco that had been given the S treatment and appropriate bodykit so that it could wear low-profile rubber without too many body changes. The Silhouette came at a bad time for Lamborghini, with production never reaching anywhere near its potential, thanks to labour problems, management issues, and the general mess the company was in at the time.

But it was also not really good enough to take on it main rival, the brilliant Ferrari 308 GTS. Depsite that, it did look the part thanks to its tele-dial alloys and ultra-low profile tyres – just like a Countach – and its targa roof was a good selling point. In the end, events overtook the Silhouette, when Lamborghini went through horrendous financial problems during the late 1970s - a time when Sant Agata’s model range was reduced to the Countach only. With 52 built, the Silhouette is rare and rapidly gaining desirability – mainly due to its huge rarity.