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'Top Trumps' to be theme of this year's NEC classic motor show

Published 05 July 2019

The theme of the 35th anniversary Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show has been revealed as ‘Top Trumps’, the iconic card game that has been played across the world for more than 40 years.

In a show first, the organisers, along with headline sponsors Lancaster Insurance, are working in partnership with Winning Moves, owners of the Top Trumps brand, to bring the game to life. Motoring enthusiasts of all generations will be able to enjoy the game in a variety of ways as they explore the various displays. 

Plus, to celebrate Lancaster Insurance also reaching its 35th year, the insurance specialist is creating a special edition pack of Top Trumps that will be launched at the three-day show, held at Birmingham’s NEC from 8-10 November. The pack will include 30 cards, each featuring a carefully selected classic car that reflects the 3000 vehicles on display at the show. 

Show director Lee Masters said, ‘Top Trumps has been on our wish list of show themes for years, but we were saving it for a special occasion and sharing our 35th anniversary with Lancaster Insurance is the perfect opportunity. It is a game many in our community would have played as a kid and may have passed on to their own children. We’re hoping everyone involved in the show, but especially the vehicle clubs will be just as excited as we are.’

As part of the show theme, the clubs and exhibitors will have the opportunity to create a ‘Top Trumps’ card to act as the vehicle’s info board displaying five key facts. Not only will this create the biggest pack of Top Trumps ever but will also give visitors a potential 15,000 motoring facts presented in a fun way so they can play as they enjoy their visit to the UK’s biggest indoor motoring event. 

Andrew Evanson, Senior Operations Manager at Lancaster Insurance, said, ‘2019 is a milestone year for both the show and Lancaster Insurance, so it’s fitting that the theme this year is extra special. Many enthusiasts will have fond memories of playing Top Trumps as a youngster, I know I certainly do, and we’re excited to help bring this to life for show attendees!'

There will also be the opportunity to play Top Trumps on both the Lancaster Insurance stand and on the Discovery Live Stage throughout the weekend. Special displays dedicated to the theme will also feature in the halls. 

Tickets are now on sale for this year’s Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, with Discovery. The special edition packs of Top Trumps can also be added when booking tickets and be collected from Lancaster Insurance’s stand at the show. For more information including ticket options and booking details, visit


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