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A Grand Monday: Nissan Micra Wave

Published 29 July 2019

Here’s an opportunity to own one of the daftest-named vehicles ever made - a Nissan Micra Wave

We’re not quite sure who cooked up the idea of naming a special edition Micra after a kitchen appliance or ‘watt’ they were thinking, but this is one you should buy before it goes ping.

Offered for just £175, the car has been owned since 1996 by an elderly lady and no longer has an MoT, as the owner has given up driving. But it looks pretty tidy, with none of the sill welding bodgery you often see on an elderly K11.

Nissan Micra Wave (2)

With just 54,000 miles on the clock, the chain-driven 1.0-litre engine is barely run-in and shouldn’t give any hassle, while the vendor has also shown us the interior, which looks to be in excellent order. 

A Micra Wave for the price of a microwave? It’d be rude not to…


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