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A Grand Monday: Peugeot 406

Published 23 July 2018

According to DVLA data, the number of Peugeot 406s on our roads has halved since 2016, from 36,000 to just 18,000 remaining. That’s around one in 13 of the 406s registered in the UK that are still road legal - some of them barely.

A survival rate of 18,000, of course, doesn’t put the fleet-friendly Peugeot on the immediately endangered list, but survival numbers are in freefall as to most owners it’s a disposable old French family hack that’s just one expensive MoT test away from the breaker’s yard. 

Give it another two years, and they’ll be even fewer and further between. 

Peugeot 406 (4)

All of which makes this example worthy of preserving. A one-owner example in plush 2.0 GTX specification, it has covered just 58,000 miles from new and has a full service history. The MoT records show no major concerns over the years, and it appears to be in exceptional condition.

£895 is arguably all the money for a 21-year old Peugeot saloon, but try finding another with this kind of pedigree. Wheel it out in six or seven years’ time when these are nearly extinct, and you might not make much money out of it, but you’ll certainly have a curiosity…


Maxonian    on 29 July 2018

Terribly uncomfortable seats. Put me off buying one.

A Daley    on 29 July 2018

I had one of these back in '98. At the time I was really attracted to the elegant styling. Thought it was a good looking car compared to what else was around. But I didn't get on with it that well and was ultimately disappointed by the car, so got rid after 12 months. Rock heavy depreciation. And it just seemed to get endless door dents, despite my careful parking, as if the metal was paper thin... It was like, you happened to be stood next to it and sneeze, and then ding, another dent appeared...!

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