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A Grand Monday: Jaguar XJ6 3.2 Sport

Published 04 June 2018

Buying a Jaguar for less than a grand is always a bit of a gamble, albeit one often offset by the fact that even a spares car has some value should it all go horribly wrong.

This example, though, stands out as a cut above the usual tired old XJs you find on the market. With a short MoT and an acknowledgement from the owner that the front of the sills will probably need welding to secure a new ticket, it's spares car money at £595ono.

But the area where attention is required is a common XJ300 rot spot, and one that's usually a relatively easy repair - sections are available to weld in, and if the rear of the car is free of rust then chances are it won't be too expensive to get done. There's certainly nothing nasty hidden in its MoT history.

Being a Sport model, the car comes with the 214bhp 3.2-litre straight-six, but with the XJR suspension set-up. They're terrific cars to drive, with a fabulous ride and handling combination that really does give the best of both worlds - a supremely luxurious car, but also one that's easy to press on with. Plus, while no Jaguar will be a paragon of fuel economy, the 3.2 is at least relatively sensible over long distances, with MPG in the high 20s achievable on a run.

Jaguar XJ Sport (5)

Droopy headlining aside (they all do that, sir...), the interior looks to be in stunning condition, while the optional 'Dimple' brushed alloy wheels appear pretty decent. Add in the fact that it's Sapphire Blue, one of the best colours for an X300, and you have a car that's an ideal basis for a light restoration, or simply one that you can use without fear of being hit too hard in the pocket it it all goes horribly wrong. 

With 118k on the clock, though, it should have plenty of life left in it - the AJ16 engine fitted to these cars is one of the most dependable Jaguar units ever, with quarter of a million miles shrugged off with ease.

This, then, is a bargain example of a rapidly appreciating classic - a car that harks from a real purple patch for Jaguar and arguably saved the company. Now, it's this car's turn to be saved, and at this price we think it's worth every penny.


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