Jaguar XJ (1994 – 1997) Review

Jaguar XJ (1994 – 1997) At A Glance


+Reliable and liked by owners. Cheap to buy now. Refined with a sporting edge.

-Not much real legroom. Alloy wheels corrode. Bodies rust.

Codenamed the X300, this version of the Jaguar XJ is an evolution of the XJ40. Launched in 1994, it was the first XJ produced under Ford ownership and part of a huge investment drive.

Beneath the retro looks was a much-improved (and more reliable model). The six-cylinder engine was reworked with electronic ignition and renamed the AJ16 while traction control came courtesy of the Mondeo.

Base model was the XJ6, while the Sovereign still used the six-pot but boasted more luxurious kit. The XJ Sport got bigger wheel and a stiffer suspension while an Executive trim appeared later as a run out model.

Top of the pile was the X306 XJR – Jaguar’s first supercharged car (the XJ220 was turbocharged). Under the bonnet, power from the AJ16 engine was up to 326bhp and 378lb-ft of torque. Although a manual gearbox was available, most left the factory with the optional automatic.

The highest spec models wore the Daimler badge, with the Daimler Six being powered by the six-pot and the Daimler Double Six getting V12 power.

Ask Honest John

Can I drive my car with power steering failure?

"I have a 1994 Daimler Double Six (X305) with a serious power steering leak. I have booked it into a specialist garage but will it still be drivable with no power steering? The garage is 12 miles away."
I would argue that this is a very bad idea. The fluid acts as a lubricant for the power steering pump and driving the car without this vital component will quickly create friction and heat in the pump, which could then result in costly damage to the engine (depending on how spectacular the pump failure is). Arrange for the car to be trailered to the garage or organise a home visit. Do not drive it.
Answered by Dan Powell

What's the best battery for my 1995 Jaguar XJ?

"I need a new battery for my Jaguar XJ (X300) 3.2L 1995. Which one would you recommend for me?"
The first thing is to find out what batteries are available to fit your car. Look for the size reference (normally a three-digit code eg 063). Other considerations include cranking amps (CA), which is the maximum current a battery and deliver in one go, and amp hours (AH), which is the total amount of electricity a battery can hold. High-end batteries are generally best suited for specialist applications so a decent mid-range one (such as Halfords) will be fine.
Answered by Keith Moody
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