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Take a break: Ford Escort Mk2 launch film

Published 04 February 2014

Got five minutes to spare? Then take a break, and watch this lovely launch film of the Ford Escort Mk2. This car was consistently the second best seller in the UK (behind the Cortina) for its entire five-year production run. It was cheap, simple to service, there was a dealer on every corner, and generally they were good to drive – even the basic 1.1-litre Popular models.

Codenamed Brenda during development, the 1975 Escort Mk2 gained a number of new variations and trim options as well new styling. Although little more than a facelift of the old Coke bottle car, the ’75 Escort was considered new in the eyes of most of its customers, and ended up sitting atop its sector in the UK sales charts during its production run. It did well in Europe, too, selling almost a million in five years.

When it first made an appearance in 1975, Ford put out this highly amusing promotional film to extol the virtues of its latest challenger. And in the 21st century, who can’t appreciate the charms of this wonderfully dated film.



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