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Insurer names Volkswagen as the UK’s most popular classic car maker

Published 07 January 2016

Have you ever wondered what the most popular classic car make in the UK is? Well, wonder no more because insurer Carole Nash has analysed its data to find the nation’s number one badge.

Top of the charts is Volkswagen with a 16.1% share of the classic market, fuelled no doubt by the huge popularity of T2 camper and the Golf. A ‘traditional’ marque such as MG makes up 11.4% of the old car pool, with Ford taking a 7.4% share of the insurer’s business.

The research, which is based on the insurer’s own data, also found the most popular place for classic cars in the UK. The county with the highest amount of classic car owners is Kent, while second place goes to Essex and Surrey takes third.

You can read more about the data and stats over at the Carole Nash website.



anglebox    on 7 January 2016

Great to see Volkswagen coming out on top. But also important to remember that this is just based on the insurer's own data.

I wonder if the result would be the same if a fully-researched national survey was carried out?

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