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Please tell me personal user experience I love this model and want to buy this car for my father. Read more


I would like to tell you about the excellent service and wide range of cars! I ordered a Mercedes for rent through in Dubai and I was quite satisfied. The car was clean, in excellent technical condition, perfect for a comfortable trip around the city. Customer service was top notch and all issues were resolved promptly. I recommend! Read more

Chris C

One of those popular cars to become nostalgic about. The earlier Micra survived better than suggested - many could be seen that were very old. It's a shame that Nissan slowly lost the plot on Micra design subsequently and didn't keep the two most recent models in production at Sunderland.
Another car that seems to keep on going from the same period must be the Toyota Starlet - note what they have in common... Read more

Popoola Babalola

I need an automatic



After the car has been parked up for a long time tried to start it with good battery and wont start! just turns and turns and turns no chance of fire (full throttle and choke, though it was a good starter last time had it running)... Read more


You can try putting a fuel additive in the tank to mix the fuel and help it ignite better. Also, check the spark plugs and ignition system for any problems. If it still doesn't start, it's best to get a mechanic to check it out.

Harley Williams

The warehouse they built with a museum-like atmosphere must be a paradise for classic car enthusiasts. The open-sided warehouse holds about 130 cars, mostly American but also some soccer skills world cup models and trucks, certainly a sight to behold. Read more


The automobile industry is a substantial contributor to job creation and economic growth. From manufacturing plants to dealerships, the industry generates employment opportunities at various skill levels. Additionally, the ripple effect extends to suppliers, service providers, and local economies, fostering overall economic development. Read more


this is interesting


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I like classic cars because in the past engineers strived to create a unique design and make them as technologically advanced as possible. I'm glad that many people think the same way as me when playing my favorite game I noticed that in some races the creators give the opportunity to drive classic Porsche and Ferrari models. I'm glad that game and movie makers are making classic cars more popular.


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