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Top 20: Rarest cars of the 1980s

We’ve brought you the 20 most endangered cars in the UK – cars that were once common and are now very rare indeed – but what cars from the 1980s are rarest, full stop? We’ve had a look at the DVLA records to find out – the list below covers cars registered between 1980-'89.

Many of these models weren’t sold in huge numbers even when they were new, so it’s hardly surprising so few are left – fewer than 200 in every case in this list. Click through the gallery to see the rarities or click here to see the endangered list. 

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Mazda 121 – 103 still licenced

Built back when Ford owned Mazda and sold on other counties as the Festiva, the 121 was never a huge seller so it’s not surprising so few are left on the road.  The 121 was also sold as the Kia Pride, a car which paved the way for the powerful South Korean maker we know today.

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