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Top 10: The Citroen Conservatoire

Last week, PSA had some good news for fans of its classic models when the company announced that it’s set to open a heritage centre that’ll focus on Citroen, Peugeot and DS. With so many fascinating cars in its past, it’s about time the company committed to showing them off much more openly.

It helps that all three brands already have fabulous stashes of classics, including Peugeot’s museum at Sochaux and Citroen’s collection just outside Paris. While Peugeot’s museum has been covered many times in recent years, Citroen’s has received very little coverage. With 400 cars in the collection it’s hard picking favourites, but having paid a visit recently, we’ll do just that here – although it would have been easier to have run to a top 50 instead...

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M35 and Birotor

In the late 1960s the rotary engine seemed to be the way forward and many car makers embraced it wholeheartedly, including Citroen. The company built a fastback Ami called the M35, along with the Birotor which looked just like a GS but which actually featured a unique set of panels. In the end just 267 M35s were built along with 873 Birotors. Some examples of both models still exist in private hands – but they rarely come up for sale.


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