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Top 10: Classic crossovers

The idea of a crossovers isn’t new, as these cars show. In fact, it’s been around a lot longer than you might expect. We’re not talking full-on SUVs here. Instead these are ‘lifestyle’ vehicles that are usually car-derived but with a touch more practicality. Welcome to the world of the classic crossover.

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Volvo V70 Cross Country

Pre-dating the Audi Allroad but performing essentially the same role in the crossover market of the late ’90s was Volvo’s V70-based Cross Country, better known by its shorter moniker of XC. This first-generation model went on sale in 1997 and sold well for three years, benefiting from permanent four-wheel drive, a raised ride height and all the visual adornments that crossover buyers expected. UK-spec first-generation models were powered by a (200bhp) 2.4-litre five-cylinder engine, and could be ordered in standard or ultra-luxurious SE spec. What’s not to love about a Volvo estate with a modicum of off-road potential?

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Chris C    on 11 February 2017

The Streetwise wasn't that short lived since it continued as the MG3 SW built in China between 2008 and 2010. With its increased ride height, fake skidplates and plastic wheelarch covers, etc, it inspired lots of subsequent soft offroaders.

soldierboy000    on 16 February 2017

The Simca Matra Rancho was based on a Simca 1100 pick up with the front of the Simca 1100 and the rear portion by Matra, not a dodge pick up. Simca was on it's own when this was first born.

PG1234    on 19 February 2017

The van and pick-up versions of the Simca 1100 were badged as Dodges in the UK from 1976.

This is the 'relaunch' advert:

soldierboy000    on 20 February 2017

Yes but it was a French car made in France and was Simca when it was designed and first built, Dodge was only used in this country as the difference between Chryslers car and commercial ranges.

Alroya    on 12 February 2018

Where’s the Fiat Panda mk1?

nurkoyorti    on 11 July 2023

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