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Talbot Reviews

The original Talbot was created to build French Clément cars from 1903, but it gradually moved into constructing its own vehicles. It became part of the Sunbeam-Talbot-Darracq partnership in 1920 and forged a reputation as a builder of beautifully designed cars with true sporting prowess.

In 1935,the Rootes Group gained control and renamed the marque Sunbeam-Talbot. That should probably have been the end of Talbot, but when Peugeot took over Chrysler's European operations in 1978, it decided to resurrect the badge.

These ‘new’ Talbots included the Alpine, Horizon, Solara and Samba, but poor sales prompted Peugeot to kill off Talbot once more in 1986.

Good: Tidy handler, good looking, practical saloon with plenty of tuning potential
Bad: Low survival rate due to shocking build and corrosion issues
Good: Roomy and soft-riding
Bad: Rattly, rusty, poorly made, and absolutely no image
Good: Roomy and comfortable, and just the right shape for those scared of hatchbacks
Bad: Tinny, rattly, nasty steering and gearchange, rusty and poorly painted
Good: Fast, fun to steer, great handling, sharp looks, one of the best rally-derived road cars that you can actually afford
Bad: Temperamental and not at that well made
Good: Neat looking, good driving position, rear-wheel drive, larger-engined versions a hoot to drive in the wet, 1600ti looks brilliant
Bad: Gutless smaller cars, impractical tailgate, cramped in the rear, real corrosion problems
Good: Cheap to run, comfortable ride, it's quite a stylish thing
Bad: Rattly engines, awful steering and gearbox, rust, apathy
Good: Roomy, comfortable, and in SX form blindingly fast
Bad: Slab-sided, ugly, near-extinct
Good: Reasonably chic little car, plenty of go in 1360cc form, cabriolet model is a great deal of fun
Bad: Rust and flimsy build, near-extinct in the UK
Good: Funky to look at, useful and huge inside
Bad: Rattly engines, corrosion of anything that isn't glass fibre