Talbot Solara (1980 – 1985) Review

Talbot Solara (1980 – 1985) At A Glance


+Roomy and comfortable, and just the right shape for those scared of hatchbacks

-Tinny, rattly, nasty steering and gearchange, rusty and poorly painted

The Talbot Solara or Simca 1510 as it was known in France looked fresh, modern and reather appealing when it was launched in 1980. For the ultra-conservative UK fleet market, its maker hoped that the tidily-styled three-box saloon was just the thing with which to steal sales from Ford and Vauxhall - as well as replace the disappointly slow-selling Avenger.

As it happened, the Solara didn't generate enough sales for Peugeot to remain interested in its newly created Talbot marque. In the UK, it was offered in 1.3- and 1.6-litre form, and didn't have a wide-enough model range to attract those all-important company car sales. The quality wasn't there either - with the car feeling tinny and insubstatial compared with its rivals.

After five short years, it was over, and the Solara disappeared off the new-car price lists, unreplaced