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Whitewall tyres for classic camper vans

Published 12 February 2015

If you own a camper van and fancy the full retro look with whitewall tyres, chances are you’ve had to use rubber designed for cars. That’s not always ideal as car tyres are often oversized and have insufficient load ratings.

Luckily, a new tyre from Vintage Tyres will solve this problem. The new Duramax 185 R14C has been specifically designed for commercial vehicles. As well as the Volkswagen Type 2 camper, the tyre will also fit the Bedford CF, Ford Transit, Leyland Sherpa, Mercedes 207D/208, Volkswagen LT and plenty more.

And because it is specifically designed for commercial vehicles, it has an increased load capacity, making it capable of loads up to 850kg per tyre.


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