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Video: Scrappage scheme classic car graveyard uncovered

Published 20 June 2018

Video footage has emerged of a site used to store thousands of classic cars that were confined to the crusher during the scrappage scheme.

The YouTube video was made by Exploring With Fighters, although the location of the storage facility remains undisclosed.

In the video, you’ll be able to see a huge number of classics, including Volkswagen Beetles, MGBs, Porsche 944s.


   on 20 June 2018

The location of these cars MAY be RAF
Thurleigh near Bedford...

John of Gloster    on 20 June 2018

Yet more evidence, if more was needed, of a Nation still excelling at getting far too many important decisions ... WRONG!

Vince Robertson    on 20 June 2018

What happens to these cars now? Surely they're not still destined to be scrapped? I'm sure that the classic car fraternity would happily take care of most of them and raise a considerable sum of money in the process.

A Daley    on 20 June 2018

What a waste. Is there a way to save these cars?

Dr Robert Taylor    on 20 June 2018

"that were confined to the crusher" - consigned is the correct word.

Chris C    on 20 June 2018

I thought that cars in a scrappage scheme had to be roadworthy/MOT'd - some clearly aren't - and if they are going to be scrapped why bother sorting them by marque or even waste time taking them to a storage area rather than just scrap them locally?

Doris & Boris    on 21 June 2018

Subaru SVX in the first section!!

Barsus    on 24 June 2018

It seems that it is a great waste, on the other hand nothing lasts forever. A logical move might be to open it up to the classic car fraternity to sort through, then anything left over can be recycled/crushed.


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