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New projects on the horizon for Edd China

Published 10 May 2017

Edd China reveals what the future holds for him after his shock departure from Wheeler Dealers.


PappaNoel    on 19 May 2017

Ham and Edd's. If Edd leaves we will be left with the ham - the staged buying, and the equally false and badly acted selling, no costing of the time Edd puts into a project, nor the cost of setting up the equipment that has suddenly appeared in the USA workshop. Must find another programme to watch, but I doubt if it will be as interesting or informative.

galathumpian    on 20 May 2017

I am older than most, and have been servicing/fixing cars since the mid '40s, including several pre and post war cars and can confirm that Edd China's knowledge and experience is second to none. It is rare for me to learn new things about cars, but by watching Edd I can learn so much. His ability to work in such a variety of cars, both old and not so old, is trebly remarkable, and obviously beyond the understanding and appreciation of the programme producers.
On his own, Mike is just a stooge.

EverettFromes    on 20 January 2023

I always remember how I participated in various projects at school and university.

Stephen O`Conner    on 21 January 2023

I also participated, I think everyone had such a practice. I loved it so much that it's hard to convey. I found high quality term papers, used for that, and redid them. It got to the point where I started my own project. It involved 2 of my friends who helped me in it. Now we support this business and receive money from it. Do not be afraid and postpone everything for later. Every person is capable of being successful. If it’s difficult for yourself, then you need to find people like you and work together.

Edited by Stephen O`Conner on 21/01/2023 at 16:39

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