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Edd China quits Wheeler Dealers and will be replaced by Ant Anstead

Published 22 March 2017

After 13 memorable series, Edd China has decided to quit Wheeler Dealers to pursue other projects.

Wheeler Dealers will continue for a 14th season with Mike Brewer, who will be joined by established automotive expert and master mechanic Ant Anstead, who co-presented For The Love of Cars.

Edd has worked on Wheeler Dealers for more than a decade on what is often referred to as the biggest car show on the planet, broadcast in 220 territories around the globe.

Only a few years ago, Mike and Edd celebrated their 100th episode by taking part in the world famous London to Brighton vintage and veteran car run.

Edd China Quits Wheeler Dealers

Edd China talks about why he quit Wheeler Dealers

Edd said, ‘After season 12, the show commission was taken over by Velocity Channel in the US who replaced Attaboy TV (the original production company) with Discovery Studios in California.

'Unfortunately, on Velocity’s first attempt at producing the show they found Wheeler Dealers “too difficult” to make – at least in its current format.

‘In particular, the detailed and in-depth coverage of my fixes in the workshop – what I consider to be the backbone and USP of the programme – are something Veolcity feels should be reduced.’

Robert Scanlon, executive vice president and general manager of Velocity and Automotive Content at Discovery Communications, said, ‘While we’ll miss his signature orange gloves, we know that anything they touch will turn to automotive gold.

Scanion added, ‘We’re committed to making Wheeler Dealers the best automotive series on TV, and feel Ant brings the in-depth knowledge our viewers crave and a unique style our viewers will love.

Ant Anstead I'll Keep Mike Brewer On His Toes

Ant Anstead, 'I'll keep Mike Brewer on his toes.'

New host Ant Anstead said, 'As the first, original format for fans interested in fixing cars, it’s fair to say most TV motoring shows trace their heritage back to Wheeler Dealers.

'I grew up watching and learning from Edd and Mike, and in recent years have come to know both as close personal friends.

'It is with Edd’s blessing that I join the team for this new and exciting challenge. I hope he and viewers enjoy what I bring to the show and recognize that for me it’s always been about the love of cars.'

Ant Anstead is best known for his day job as a car builder, but he is also a designer, artist, world record holder for selling vehicles for the highest price in the World at auctions, and a semi-professional soccer player.

As a car nut, Anstead has been building custom-made cars since he was a kid. He has built a global reputation for building custom-made classic vehicles to individual client specifications.

4-ford -fiesta

Top 10: Wheeler Dealer cars

Season 14 of Wheeler Dealers debuts on Velocity in the US, Discovery in the UK and internationally later in 2017.


anglebox    on 21 March 2017

Time to retire the show? Or will Ant take it to a whole new level?

Chris C    on 21 March 2017

You could see how exasperated Edd was becoming in recent episodes so perhaps not a surprise.

Meanwhile Aaron leaves Fast N Loud - now if he and Edd were to work in a technically deep series building cars without silly time limits....

David Potter    on 22 March 2017

Lets be honest, who who want to work with that t***!

   on 23 March 2017

Who the hell is Ant Anstead ?......

Alan Barnes    on 20 May 2017

Greetings car lovers. I am surprised that you don't know who Ant Anstead is. He has appeared on other [similar] programmes, and has done [in my opinion] a very good job.

As I can only view WD on Quest TV that is long after it is originally broadcast I believe, I am looking forward to seeing how good it actually is. Instead of, what appears to be, the pre-judgement of most of the people who are commenting on it. Ed China is a nice enough chap, and has a fair amount of knowledge...otherwise he would not have the job obviously, but he is not the only mechanic in the world who knows what he is doing and I expect that Ant will prove it anyway. As for Mr Brewer, he is also a fine chap really, and like ED has done a good job presenting this and other programmes which cannot be easy despite what some people are saying about him. Personally I find that he goes over the top at being a dealer from Essex, but in that respect he does a good job at least..……..despite nearly always selling the cars off at a much reduced price [not typical of Essex car man !]

It is very easy to criticise such programmes anyway, especially if you, like myself, are from a professional automotive engineering background. But that is not the point. If the prog’ was more "accurate" and detailed,, it would probably not appeal to most of it's current audience anyway. The basic premise that you can buy and restore a car and re-sell it with a profit WITHOUT including the labour and additional travel/transport cost etc etc , is of course ridiculous and is done [I hope] to keep the prog’ simple and easy for the general public.

As far as Ed is concerned. I agree with most of the comments, that he should have is own prog’ anyway, and I am surprised that non of the big TV companies have not jumped onto that idea already [or perhaps they have and I am just not up to speed ]

Anyhoo, good luck to all of them in their new prog's as there are not nearly enough decent motoring prog's on the box these days....unless you like the "He-Haw red neck cowboy crap" !?……but that’s another rant.

   on 25 March 2017

Ed China was the big star in Wheeler Dealers. He should present his own show. It will be a definite hit. Mike Brewer was good but the star was Ed China. Wheeler Dealers was Ed China.

   on 26 March 2017

Gutted this has happened. Edd was the reason why I watched it for all of those years. Hope he has his own show. Didn't think to much of the last season of WD, now I know why. Hope the show is still interesting but may not be for me now.

David Drummond    on 27 March 2017

The last few episodes in the US were very poor but I could not put my finger on it but now we know Edd was far from happy.

Such a great shame.

Conal.G    on 27 March 2017

For me Edd is WD's. Can't wait for his new show as it will come. He is bound to be snapped up. Looks like the new producers simply don't get the show which doesn't sound good for the future of WD's. What do readers think? Give it one season without Edd then WD will fold.

Simon Ambrosio    on 28 March 2017

Going to america was a huge mistake, i think mike got greedy with the lure of big dollar's, but the show should of stayed in the UK, with european cars with which the british viewer's relate too. Edd was by far the star of the show, i do like Mike but also find him a bit arrogant, unfortunately like Top Gear this is probably the beginning of end, what with firstly the second rate american shows and now Edd leavong.

Alexander Begg    on 30 March 2017

Ed China is the main reason I watch wheeler dealers due to his mechanical skills. Is their no loyality mike brewer after 10 yrs I will not be watching the next series. I will be watching Eds if and when he has a new show Learn the lesson of the revamped top gear how's it going lol. By by wheeler dealers.

Vincent DeGennaro    on 2 April 2017

Vincent DeGennaro Ed China is the show he goes deep inside engine repairs and does all other aspects of body repairs and detail.I have owned 133 cars in my life time each one has its own quirks and need there own attention. Mr china will be missed

ADUB    on 4 April 2017

Who is this Ant guy never heard of him

George Bowstead    on 9 April 2017

American greed , self interest, macho bull and childish humour seems to destroy everything they touch. This move will be no exception. Once this programme is up and running in it's new format, i for one will not be watching it. Good luck Ed, you deserve it.

JULIO REQUENA    on 12 April 2017


Eddi    on 21 April 2017

R.I.P. Wheeler Dealers

simon john    on 28 April 2017

come on Edd get your own show in the UK there is more than enough car progs from the US of A,Come home sod the yanks.

P38Nutter    on 22 May 2017

There's a big shortage of talent in the UK with the courage to tell rubbish management to shove it. What's more have the bottle to take the ensuing consequences. That's why, wherever you look, management stinks in the UK .
More so in America.
Ant Anstead will surely tick all the boxes. But, the established watchable partnerships tend to stick. Kirsty and Phil. Jeremy and Co.
are examples.
I didn't watch top gear because of motors alone, the same with location. Who wants to look in estate agents windows for light relief?
Ed'll turn up somewhere. If he doesn't, good luck in a well earned retirement.
As I've mentioned elsewhere, he's welcome to come and put the dashboard back in my P38 while I video him on my moby. I can work Final Cut Pro, Avid and Premier as good as anyone.

   on 31 July 2017

Ed in Australia. Come on ABC. Snap him up.

   on 15 September 2017

well i for once will not be watching the new wheeler dealer.. Without Ed this show will sux.. Ed made the show and now they are replacing him.. Seeing this show is going to tank as it will be losing viewers..

JOE BOCHENEK    on 15 September 2017


   on 8 October 2017

Oh dear,
Another good show that has gone the same way as Top Gear.

You would have thought this new production company Velocity would have learned a valuable lesson from the BBC's stupidity.

   on 14 October 2017

I learned so much watching Ed China. I won't be watching the programme anymore. So, Thanks Ed - enjoy a rest, or retirement, or maybe even start another show? Merry Xmas, Peter.

Robert burton    on 24 October 2017

Ed will be missed He was great good mechanic good personality.
Mike will struggle. Lukerly I have a DVD collection.
Will turn to car sos and then check out WD.

Echinnox    on 5 January 2018

The show is much worse without him. I'm watching wheeler Dealers for almost a year after Edd China's departure and could see how it is worse now.
To Hell with Velocity Channel!

   on 27 February 2018

What a shame. WD was stolen by a US Company and they were not able to understand the importance of "consistency" in the details as well they can not keep the Level (...too difficult...).
I've ssen only the SAAB 96 Fixing... quit bad... to much (unbelievable) Story with show and shine and just a Little bit of bodywork. And Ant is always so happy (by some dope?). When i've to fight against rust i'm never happy....and it's always deeper than initial seen... in the Show just to place a new Piece of metal in the hole and leave the rust below is very bad style of Fixing the car.

like waynes_world.

Ed was 70% of the Show, Mike the rest.
Hope to find him somewhere else.

Larry Raisch    on 19 April 2018

A comment from an American viewer.

Ed was definitely the main reason to watch WD and his departure is a loss. Ant is well enough, but clearly the content of the show has been dumbed down.

I was pleased to see the show spend a season in the US and work on some American iron but the European cars that were less familiar over here were even more of an attraction.

Hopefully Ed's new show will be available to American audiences as currently only Fantomworks is a worthwhile watch on Velocity.

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