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Haynes museum curator steps down

Published 15 June 2016

The curator at Haynes International Motor Museum has stepped down after 31 years of service. Micheal Penn was the very first member of staff when the museum opened in 1985.

In the early days, his work hats were many and in any one day his duties would include general manager, curator, caterer, bookshop assistant and receptionist.

As the museum grew he was able to focus on his passion for curatorial work and building the collection. Numerous visits across the globe saw him source an eclectic mix of vehicles from the rare and precious to the more easily recognised.

On Thursday, 9 June, the museum hosted a lunch for nearly 200 guests to help Penn celebrate his retirement.

Retirement Gift

A painting of the 1936 Auburn 852 Speed was Penn's retirement gift.

Christopher Haynes, the museum’s CEO, thanked Penn for all his efforts over the past 31 years and said Penn’s legacy was easy to see.

Haynes said, ‘Today the museum boasts well over 100,000 visitors annually, as well as hosting a large and ever increasing number of conferences and all types of events.

‘The Education Centre is always buzzing with children who visit from many local schools and the Workshop and Restoration Centre have built up an enviable reputation for their excellent work on a broad range of marques including Aston Martin, Ferrari and Jaguar to name but a few.’

But despite his retirement, Penn said he had no plans to slow down.

‘I will not be hanging up my museum boots yet as I will remain on the museum board of trustees as well as the board of trustees of the British Motorcycling Heritage Trust. I also continue in my role as the chairman of the World Forum for Motor Museums.’


AbbeyTout    on 27 November 2023

It's with immense gratitude and appreciation that we bid farewell to the curator of the Haynes Museum. Their dedication and passion for preserving automotive history have left an indelible mark. As they step down, we celebrate their contributions, confident that their legacy will continue to inspire enthusiasts and visitors alike. Thank you for steering the museum toward excellence, and we look forward to the exciting chapters that lie ahead under new leadership.

ClaireFeez    on 27 November 2023

I've been following the insightful discussion on the departure of the Haynes Museum curator. While change is inevitable, let's take a moment to celebrate the enduring passion for engineering and classic cars. If you're as fascinated by engineering as I am, you might enjoy exploring a fantastic collection of engineer-themed photos I found on Depositphotos: engineer images. It's a visual feast that captures the essence of the precision and craftsmanship we admire in classic cars. Feel free to check it out and share your thoughts on how the art of engineering continues to inspire us, even amid changes in leadership at our beloved Haynes Museum.

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