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Vauxhall Heritage wheels out the big guns for NEC show

Published 21 September 2017

Under the working title, ‘Luton Goes Large’, Vauxhall Heritage’s NEC classis motor show stand will celebrate 60 years of the car maker’s touring and saloon cars.

Starting in the 1920s, and running through to the 1980s, the display will celebrate Vauxhall’s sometimes forgotten examples at the show on 10-12 November.

Unusual cars like the pre-war Big Six BXL limousine will make a first appearance on Vauxhall’s stand at the show, along with a trio of Crestas – representing the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s – a Royale Coupe and perhaps one of the most iconic large sporting cars to wear a Griffin badge, the 30-98.

But large cars won’t be the only theme on this year’s stand. Some of Vauxhall’s Heritage cars are more famous than others, thanks to their presence in magazines and newspapers. The ‘In the News’ display brings together these former press demonstrators that were transferred to the Collection after their year of media glory.

(4) Vauxhall Large Cars PC Viceroy  BXL Limousine

Vauxhall Viscount left, and BXL limousine will be at the NEC show.

In the News will include five ex-press cars, ranging from ‘001’ – a VXR220 which was the very first car to wear a VXR badge – to ‘K948 XGS’, the last Lotus Carlton to appear on Vauxhall’s press fleet in 1992.

This is the sixth year that Vauxhall Motors has had a presence at the Classic Motor Show, and its 12-car stand will be at the centre of a larger Vauxhall area, which it supports with branding and stand-carpeting for Griffin-related clubs.

For 2017 these include: AutobahnStormers Car Club, Cavalier & Chevette Club, Chevette Owners’ Group, Droop Snoot Club, Opel Manta Owners’ Club, The VX4/90 Drivers’ Club, Vauxhall Cresta Club, Vauxhall FD Register, and Viva Drivers’ Club

Significant anniversaries being celebrated among the clubs will be the 50th anniversary of the FD Victor, and the 60th anniversary of the Victor nameplate.

Vauxhall Heritage will be at Stand 225 in Hall 5 at the NEC. The Lancaster Classic Motor Show ( runs from November 10-12, and is the largest show of its kind in the UK, with more than 2500 vehicles on display.


Bronan the Brobarian    on 21 September 2017

Ugh, just the worst car company ever (next to Dacia). Mixing the words Vauxhall and Heritage is like slopping coke into 18 year old Glenfiddich.

Tony Widdows    on 24 September 2017

Bronan you haven't a clue what you are talking about.
Vauxhall were a brilliant company before GM took them over. The 30-98 was as good as any Bentley.
In the fifties and sixties all British cars were rusting badly, including BMC, Ford and even Bentley's. But for some reason the public perceived it was only Vauxhall.
The later Vauxhalls, which are really rebadged Opels are built as well as any VW or BMW.
I sold these cars for 27 years so I ought to know.

Howard Buchanan    on 25 September 2017

Vauxhall did tend to carry the can as the scapegoat rust bucket at a time when most cars ended up looking like colanders. Our early family Viva rusted in places we didn't know possible- good job it was finished in darkish red anyway.
For foreign cars, Lancia and Fiat led the field in the Corrosion Stakes. Today, cars die from ailments for which no cheap and easy fix with a welding torch, filler and Dupli Colour can is possible.

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