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Sunday Scramble at Bicester Heritage Tomorrow 6th January

Published 05 January 2019

It's Sunday Scramble again at Bicester Heritage tomorrow, Sunday 6th January. This fantastic, fun packed event is a wonderful day out for families who love cars.

The Scramble is an open day, showcasing the beautiful former Royal Air Force base that is Bicester Heritage and the plethora of highly skilled Specialist Businesses that call this unique location home. Please explore, take photos, ask questions and post away on social media using the following hashtag. Don't forget, you can follow our social media feeds via the links at the bottom of this email if you can't join us on the day! 

There are forty specialist businesses based at Bicester Heritage, each focused on their particular area of the motoring industry. From intricate vintage car radiator manufacture to upholstery, restoration, machining, training, sales, rallying, car storage, public relations, auctions, particular marques and many more.

Bicester Heritage Workshop

In addition to those based here permanently, don't miss:

There's plenty of food on offer at the Scramble, from classic bacon sandwichs, food boxes, fruit and yoghurts, bagels, warm waffles and lots of hot drinks, suitable for restoring life to chilly fingers on a cold January morning!

Gates open at 9am and close at 2pm. Traffic management will be in operation, directing event goers to the event entrances to Bicester Heritage's airfield from the Buckingham Road and Skimmingdish Lane. Please follow the yellow road signs and marshals at the entrances, where your tickets will be scanned. 

Tickets are available on the gates at £10 per person, but you can save by booking online where advance discounted tickets will be available until midnight on Saturday 5th January. 

Once inside the perimeter of Bicester Heritage you will be directed to the relevant parking areas. Modern cars will be sent to the appropriate car park and pre-1990 classics will be directed towards the historic RAF Technical Site, Test Circuit and Hangar Aprons. Our parking policy is very relaxed, we encourage people to choose a space they like the look of and go for it! Pre-War Vintage cars are encouraged to park in Hangar 113, do join the display. 

However, please respect points of access to workshops, showrooms, offices and buildings as the specialist businesses of Bicester Heritage will be coming and going throughout the Scramble. Don't block people in and please look out for Specialists who have created displays in front of their buildings too.

The Technical Site fills rapidly in the morning, but there is no cause to rush, we have masses of parking around the Hangars and on our Test Circuit which is all still part of the Scramble, so please drive carefully, choose your spot and park up. If in doubt, do ask, our marshals will be happy to help. 

You can exit via the same event entrances on the airfield at any time, on departing please respect our neighbours and The Highway Code


If you haven't yet purchased your tickets, please click the link below. Tickets will be available on the gates at £10 per person, but you can save by booking online where advance discounted tickets will be available until midnight on Saturday 5th January.


Bicester Heritage Land Rovers


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