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A Grand Monday: Volkswagen Passat 1.8GL Auto

Published 18 November 2019

We’re not convinced that the overspray on the tyres does its cosmetic appearance any favours, but in all other respects this Volkswagen Passat B3 looks like it could be a bit of a gem.

It has 29 service stamps - one for each year of its life - and has an exceptionally tidy interior, as well as rust-free bodywork in a vibrant colour. Admittedly, the 1.8-litre engine and auto box combination isn’t going to set the world on fire, but nevertheless this is a decent-looking Passat, and one that has probably avoided the stance and modifying scene by virtue of its rather unexciting powertrain.

Volvo Passat (2)

What that means is that instead of disappearing into oblivion, there’s a decent and original Passat B3 here with just 77k on the clock that’s crying out to be preserved as such. We’d barter a bit on the £945 asking price as we reckon you’d get it for £800 cash. If you do, though, please do us a favour and stay away from it with the coilovers? This one ought to stay just the way it is. 


   on 19 October 2020

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