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A Grand Monday: Renault Clio 1.2

Published 21 January 2019

Phase 1 Renault Clios are rare cars these days, having been run into the ground as cheap runabouts. That means that classic interest is starting to pick up, and the best examples are well worth saving.

Luckily, the garage that is selling this one has decided the same, despite the MoT repairs required deeming it borderline at workshop labour rates. Instead, they’re offering it as a project for the giveaway price of just £175. 


For that, you’ll be getting a late Mk1 Clio with extremely good bodywork, with only a few small rust scabs to sort out at the back of the sills, and not enough to bother the MoT tester. Of more pressing concern are a need for a complete exhaust system, rear brake cylinders and a corroded brake pipe. Nothing too alarming and well within the scope of a competent DIYer.


So no, it’s not a driveaway project, but it is a relatively straightforward one, and at practically scrap value, it has the potential to become a very nice little car indeed. 


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