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A Grand Monday: Volvo 940 Celebration

Published 24 September 2018

There’s a lot of love out there for Volvo’s old-school estates, but this one is particularly tempting.

It’s a 940 ‘Celebration’, the run-out model produced to mark the last few months of production for the rear-wheel-drive big Volvos.

Finished in ‘Blackberry’ metallic paint, with grey leather and wood door cappings, the Celebration also got a smart design of alloys unique to the model, with the owner including two spares in the sale.

Power comes from a low-pressure turbo version of Volvo’s 2.3-litre B23 engine, which is almost as revered by Volvo fanciers as the big estates are themselves.


At 167,000 miles, it’s no low mileage beauty queen, but in Volvo estate terms it remains barely run-in, while the last MoT showed up only one minor advisory for an exhaust blow. The current test has six months remaining, so there’s time to get that seen to. 

Otherwise, the only known fault is non-functional air conditioning. At £675, this is a bargain price for a rapidly appreciating classic…


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