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A Grand Monday: Austin Maestro 1.6L

Published 27 November 2017

Boy, do we have a treat in store for you this week... It's a 1983 Austin Maestro 1.6L, but not just any old Austin Maestro 1.6L. This is the oldest known surviving Maestro, built before the official start of sales in March 1983.

It has an interesting backstory, too. It was ordered new by a company that went bankrupt before the car was delivered, meaning that it was sold on privately to a buyer in London. She then sold it to a chap who owned it for 31 years, and who ensured it remained road legal during that time.

The buyer admits that the car isn't perfect, but it's pretty tidy for a 34-year old Maestro - a car that wasn't renowned for its rust-resilience even when new. A life spent in London has probaby helped, as the MoT history shows it has only covered 8000 miles in the past decade, very little of which will have been on salty motorways.

That doesn't mean it hasn't succumbed to the rust bug, though, and there are quite a few references in the MoT history to corrosion, so it's vital to ensure that any welding has been carried out to a high standard.

Austin .Maestro .4

It has some cosmetic issues, too, but the owner is extremely open about them. Indeed, he has even produced a video giving any potential buyer a warts 'n' all guided tour of the car that they can watch before deciding on whether or not to make the trip to Manchester for a viewing.

We like his honesty, and although £900 ono may seem quite a bit for a Maestro that's far from perfect, it's not a huge investment for a car that has historical importance. Well, sort of. It's a Y-reg Maestro, anyway, and that makes it rarer than hen's teeth buried in rocking horse droppings.


Christopher Baglin    on 1 December 2017

Ooh, sex on wheels...

Or, perhaps not, it's not the most likely dogging chariot of choice...

malcolmanderson2020    on 6 February 2024

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