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A Grand Monday: 1979 Volkswagen Passat (B1) project for £800

Published 03 October 2016

This week’s Grand Monday is one for the Volkswagen fans. It’s a 1979 B1 Passat project for sale at £800. It has 67k on the clock and just a handful of owners on the logbook. Discovered in a garage in 2010 with a broken clutch, the seller bought it on eBay and took it Germany where it was dry stored until 2014.

Since coming back to the UK, it has been sat outside and is in need of some TLC. But, as you can see from the pictures, it is well worth saving. Recent work includes replacing that clutch, a new radiator, replacement rear wheelarches, replacement alloys (14in Scirocco Scala Snow Flakes), fuel pump and a few service items (air filter, spark plugs and HT leads).

We’re told that all the electrics work (lights, indicators, radio, fans, wipers). Only the horn didn’t work so that’s been re-routed and is on a separate button under the dash.

Volkswagen Passat (2) (4)

The best bit is the interior, which doesn’t need much apart from a decent valet and the odd cigarette burn repairing. The headlining is clean (and still held up) but the dash has got some cracks in it – fairly common with this generation of cars.

Jobs still left to do include repairing the driver’s side wing and driver’s door. According to the seller, ‘The other door’s not perfect but it is in repairable condition.’ We’re told the passenger side wing is solid, but also has a dent in. The paintwork on one of the rear arches was also rushed, so will need stripping back, filling, sanding and painting again.

The 1.6-litre starts and drives and the gearbox is smooth. But make no mistake - the Passat will need recommissioning with fresh oil, all bushes and the brakes checking. There may also be some welding to be done as well. So if you’re serious about taking on this project you’ll need to go and give it a proper inspection.

Volkswagen Passat (3)


   on 10 October 2016

Hello there mate were you from so I can see it 07964180072 jamie

   on 25 December 2016

Is this car still available.
Cheers Carl

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