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A Grand Monday: Mercedes W124

Published 22 August 2016

We’ve unearthed some incredible bargains in A Grand Monday, but we think this week’s could be the star prize.

For sale at just £950, this 1986 launch year Mercedes-Benz 300E is one of the stars of the W124 line-up. Of course, the picky could argue it either has two doors too many or one too few, with the coupe and estate models being the ones that have the strongest following among fans of the Eighties Merc.

But this one has so much going for it. The 3.0-litre straight six engine, for a start, which is an absolute gem, delivering effortless power and excellent refinement.

Then there’s the spec – a nice metallic blue, full leather and multiple factory options. The owner says that the cruise control, air con and passenger window don’t currently work, but none of these should be a massive undertaking to put right, especially not given the bargain bucket pricing.

Mercedes E300 (2)

It also has a great numberplate – SYN 1F – which is included as part of the sale. We’d be surprised if that’s not worth a grand all on its own.

A cursory glance at the car’s online MoT history throws up nothing for concern – an advisory at its last test in May for some slight underbody corrosion, which obviously needs nipping in the bud, but no history of complicated structural repairs which can often blight this model later in life.

At just under 110,000 miles, it’s barely run in for one of these engines, and the MoT history appears to back up the relatively low use it has seen in recent years.

At this price, you could buy the car, sell the plate, and get most if not all of your money back. And you’d still be left with an iconic 1980s Mercedes that has to be one of the German brand’s highest watermarks – a truly lovely car, over engineered and tremendous to drive. Even if it’s not as good as it looks in the pictures, this one’s still an absolute bargain…


Lord Brasic    on 28 August 2016

I,ve had loads of these, and this one really is a bargain, if only I had the room for another.

The 3.0 is a great engine, only thing I have found is that they can eat dizzy caps, rotors arms and leads. I used to use the top spec ones, but now I find that buying the same from EuroParts and saving a fortune they last very nearly as long.

The cruise control is probably a vacum hose, the air maybe just a re-gas, but then does it really matter, the window is maybe just a dicky switch, I have got a few working just by taking the swicth out and cleaning the contacts, if not then is a regulator.

Down side to owning a W124, apart the from the leads etc, there isn't one.

With that I must take mine out for a spin.

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