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A Grand Monday: Rover 620ti, £950

Published 25 April 2016

As cars that hide their lights under bushels go, here’s a great example of one that’s very much worth seeking out, especially as so many of them were butchered to provide power for 220 Turbo Coupes and racing projects.

Launched in 1996, the Rover 620Ti offered superb road manners, coupled to a close-ratio PG1 gearbox, limited-slip diff' and 197bhp courtesy of its Garret turbocharged 2.0-litre T-Series engine.

It was never a huge seller, no doubt down to the dowdy image and Honda Accord underpinnings, but like all 600s, the Ti was a much better car than its sober outward appearance would suggest.

Driven sensibly, it also offered better fuel economy than the basic 618, which made it an attractive proposition for fleet managers who wanted to incentivise their field staff.

Rover 620 (2)

Visually, the clues to the cars potential came in the form of its unique alloys, front fogs and figure-hugging ‘Silverstone’ half leather seats, identical to those in the 800 Vitesse. It was a nice car to spend time in, albeit a little understated for its performance – but to some, that’s half the appeal.

This 1999-registered 620ti for sale at £950 has covered 146,000 miles, so it’s not some mollycoddled low mileage one owner car. But it has been enthusiast owned, and has seen quite a bit of work in recent months including a full brake overhaul, replacement window regulators (a known weak point) and new alloys and tyres. It’s also very nicely presented, in British Racing Green.

It’s not perfect – there’s a hint of corrosion at the lower edges of both rear arches (a very common rust spot on any Rover 600) – but the body and interior have generally held up well, while the T-Series is renowned for being a strong and long-lived engine.

The 620Ti is everything the Rover 800 Vitesse should have been – quick, responsive, agile and comfortable. It is, in many ways, the ultimate Nineties Q-Car. At £975, we don’t think you’ll find a better one for the money.

Rover 620 (3)


Lord Brasic    on 28 April 2016

One of the most under-rated cars of its time, and why I'll never know.

Ok so it torque steers and tramlines like a pig, but that’s part of the charm really.

Just put a tartan rug in the back window shelf, just to make sure you fool everyone that this is a real wolf in sheep's clothing. If you're after one just for investment value then this is probably not for you. If you want after a usable everyday car with a difference then this will not fail to entertain. It’s a practical classic in every respect and I think its only real rival is a Mondeo ST24. Everything is available of the self for these and running cost will be low, only costing if you boot it all the time.

There aren’t many decent 600's left so if you want one get in now.

   on 28 December 2016

I have a beautiful 1996 rover 620ti for sale gorgeous car amazing to drive 88,000 miles but being driven daily. She has been in the family for over 14 years. In the Plymouth area of Devon. if any interest thank you for your time

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