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Classic advert: Fiat 127

Published 04 June 2015

What’s the connection between Mr Lucas from ‘Are You Being Served’ and an Italian supermini of the late ’70s? Well, the simple answer is this advert, starring Trevor Bannister and designed to promote the new 1978-model Fiat 127.

It kicks off with a seemingly romantic Italian presenting his lady friend with a shiny new 127 for her birthday: 'It’s a little something, especially Italian just for you.'  He even points out that 'it’s blue to match your eyes'.

In fact, it’s all going rather well until Trevor Bannister – playing a Fiat salesman – comes over and explains about the money-saving promotion, the thousand miles of free petrol and the cheap finance: 'You know how to pick a bargain, sir.'

Suddenly, the romance of a few minutes earlier is a distant memory…


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