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Rick Dore's Shangri La up for auction at Mecum Monterey 23-25 August 2018

Published 30 July 2018

One of the most beautiful custom cars ever built, Rick Dore's Shangri La that pays homage to the flamboyant style of French bodybuilders of the 1930s comes up in Dana Mecum's auction at Monterey, California on 23-25th August.

Fashioned along the lines of a Figoni et Falaschi Delahaye, Shangri La's origins are a 1936 Cadillac with a hand-formed aluminum body fabricated by Marcel DeLay of Marcel's Custom Metal in Corona, California on an Art Morrison chassis. Dore's obsessive search perfection involved unique PPG Indian Ink-Well Blue exterior applied by Cambra Speed Shop in Orange, California while his eye for detail is obvious everywhere from the car's simple front, its single instrument and its unique tail lights. Dore started with a beaufiful car, which the 1936 Cadillac was, and made it breathtakingly perfect

Engine is a GM 380 HP Ram Jet V-8 the throttle body of which has been modified to be side mounted for a cleaner look and to take a 1940 Lincoln air cleaner. Transmission is a GM 700R4 automatic. Interior is custom made by Ron Magus. 

Rick Dore 's Shangri La 1936 Cadillac Cockpit

All you need to know about the sale, where to stay, how to bid, all of the other cars; everything here at Mecom Monterey August 2018

Rick Dore 's Shangri La 1936 Cadillac R34


simon john    on 5 August 2018

why aren't any british people doing work to euro cars to that class ,and I don't mean the totally impractical things you see hovering around classic car shows

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