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Can I apply for an age related registration for my classic jeep?

I own an ex-Dutch army 1961 NEKAF m38-a1 Willys jeep, which I use for events and for family trips. I've owned the army jeep for 18 months, but I have a query about its assigned UK registration plate?

When this Dutch jeep was imported into the UK, circa September 1982, it was given a registration number for that year. As a classic car, this registration plate is not in keeping with the vehicle's age and I'd like to apply to the DVLA to reissue me with a number appropriate to the 1961 year of manufacture. Is this possible?

Asked on 1 October 2013 by chevalsox

Answered by Honest John
Best thing to do is simply buy an old 5 or 6 digit registration from the DVLA.
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