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I've found an easy way of repairing the hydraulic master cylinder on classic cars such as Minis.

One of your readers couldn't get his 1962 Mini's master cylinder replaced. You suggested changing the anterior running gear with that from a later Mini series. An easy and safe way to repair an obsolete or impossible to get hydraulic cylinder is to get it bored out and sleeved by a competent engineering firm. Not expensive either. This is known to many in the Vintage/Classic brigade. Some years ago I got my 1937 Delage D6-70 back on the road in Zimbabwe exactly this way. I was dealing with obsolete French Lockheed parts.

Asked on 27 August 2011 by TP, Bantry, Co.Cork

Answered by Honest John
While your e-mail is very helpful to others running old cars with obsolete parts, my reader was referring not to the master cylinder but to a wheel cylinder for the front drum brake of a 1962 Mini. The best answer for that is to fit whole hubs and brakes from a later Mini, and also enjoy the luxury of twin leading shoe drum brakes instead of the leading/trailing shoes of 1962 Mini brake. Another reader, BF, suggests DSN Classics for Mini spare parts. They have a website ( and are based at Attleborough in Norfolk.
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