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Can I claim from a specialist who did some work on my classic car and damaged the brake master cylinder?

I am in the rather extended process of completely rebuilding a classic car. A couple of years ago I had all the major braking system components rebuilt by a specialist. I’ve only now got round to setting up the brakes, and found I was having problems which turned out to be because the master cylinder had not been rebuilt properly. In fact it had been done so badly that the engineer who subsequently examined it reckoned it to be dangerous. Not least, they had forced bolts with incorrect threads into place, resulting in the master cylinder casting being cracked in two places and so needing replacement. I imagine that I have good claim for the refund of the money paid for the "work" that the original specialists did, but what about the fact that as a result of their damage, I will have to buy another unit to be correctly reconditioned? Do I have a claim against them for that additional expenditure which their efforts have saddled me with?

Asked on 6 July 2013 by TG, Northwich

Answered by Honest John
You can try it. If they don't readily cough up, begin with Law here:

You are seeking damages for the cost of the master cylinder, plus "consequential losses". But you can't legitimately claim the cost of the replacement master cylinder because that might have been built to a higher standards and hence been a higher price.
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