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Where can I get a front brake wheel cylinder for a classic 1962 Mini?

My beloved Mini has just failed its MOT due to a seized front brake wheel cylinder. The part I need is a GWC101 (15/16ths bore dual piston front wheel cylinder) for a 1962 Mini, which is proving very difficult to find. I have tried my usual Mini specialists like Moss Europe, Mini Spares and Somerfold Mini. Can you suggest a likely supplier?

Asked on 20 November 2010 by KR, via email

Answered by Honest John
No, but the thing to do is what I did back in the olden days. That was to take off the hopeless leading/trailing shoe hubs and replace the hubs with twin leading shoe hubs and brakes from a later Mini. But if you are attempting to run a 1962 Mini, you must be in the relevant club and that will be your best source of information and parts.
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