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Subaru Reviews

Subaru is a known mostly for its 4x4 high-performance rally-bred saloons, but the company's origins were very different. Subaru was a division of Fuji Heavy Industry, and its first production car was the tiny and odd-looking 360 microcar of 1958, It remained in production in Japan for 12 years. Exports worldwide began in the 1970s, but it wasn’t until the 1980s that Subaru really started to establish itself, standing out with its permanent-four-wheel-drive passenger cars and rallying successes.

The Impreza became as much a legend on the road as it was on the rally track, and remains the company’s most desirable model with a massive enthusiast following.

Good: Rare, wonderful to look at, and utterly fun... for masochists
Bad: Cramped, noisy and slow
Good: Interesting styling, flat-four engines and frameless side windows, cheap way to get four-wheel drive ability
Bad: Most are beyond economic repair these days
Good: Cool, with four-wheel drive, rugged Subaru mechanicals and bulletproof drivetrain, farmers loved them
Bad: Rust and rarity
Good: Handy rural runabout for those on a budget. Four-wheel drive and light weight make it good in the snow. Generally reliable.
Bad: Unsophisticated road manners. CVT auto gearboxes massively expensive to replace.
Good: Flat-four engine uprated to 1.8-litres with more power, five-door estate roomier and more useful, three-door hatchback added (although not sold in the UK)
Bad: Rust has killed almost all of the UK cars, some are now coming into from Japan
Good: Quirky styling, charismatic engine, four-wheel drive grip
Bad: It's no Audi quattro...
Good: Immensely capable, reliable, large estate ideally suited to rural environments. Highly rated by owners. A quick, safe way to transport five people over any road in all weathers.
Bad: Pricey to maintain and repair. Spartan inside. Apt to score the rear discs. Age is no longer on its side. Accident damage and failing turbos.
Good: Refined, well equipped and distinctive. Very comfortable on a long cruise and surefootedly quick along country lanes.
Bad: Not many around and parts are hard to get. Autobox tends to be short-lived.
Good: Warbling flat-four, lots of punch and acceleration, tough as old boots with old-school Japanese reliability, find a good one and bag a bargain
Bad: Still on the downward depreciation curve, lots of trashed examples out there, avoid anything without history and high mileage

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