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Reliant Reviews

Reliant began building three-wheelers in 1935 and carved itself an enviable niche in the economy car sector. It wasn't until 1961, that the company mmoved into the four-wheeled business with the pretty glassfibre Sabre sports car. In 1968 with the launch of the Scimitar GTE, the world begun to take notice of Reliant - mainly because the idea of a fast, luxurious station wagon had never before been tried at the affordable end of the market.

This was the high point of Reliant’s existence, as the firm was unable to come up with a suitable successor. In later years, Reliant relied more on its Robin and Rialto three-wheelers (as well as their four-wheeled Kitten offshoot) for business, but this wasn’t enough to sustain the company and its life as a car maker came to an end in 2002.

Good: Not a bad first effort at a four-wheeler from Reliant - but it was designed for the Israeli market
Bad: More of them in Israel now than the UK
Good: A bit of a cultural icon, cheap to run, buy and fuel
Bad: Scary at speed, tends to tip over
Good: Quirkily styled economy car
Bad: Crude and slow
Good: Fast and good looking, low maintenance glass fibre body, simple Ford engines and gearboxes
Bad: Extensive rust can be hidden underneath a cosmetically sound looking body
Good: Fast, roomy, and very useful, cheap running gear and great specialist support, also still relatively cheap to buy considering its fame and ability
Bad: Lacking in build quality, with well-known corrosion issues
Good: Lively performance and incredible fuel consumption
Bad: It has three wheels...
Good: Nippy performance, rear-wheel drive, light and economical
Bad: Backbreaking driving posiiton
Good: Cheap, affordable open-topped fun, hugely so in turbocharged form
Bad: A bit rough and ready, and looks only a mother could love