Reliant Sabre (1961 – 1964) Review

Reliant Sabre (1961 – 1964) At A Glance


+Not a bad first effort at a four-wheeler from Reliant - but it was designed for the Israeli market

-More of them in Israel now than the UK

The Reliant Sabre actually started out as a model designed as a Ford special from Ashley, to which Autocars of Israel then bought the rights. Reliant was called in to engineer the vehicle – originally called the Sabra – for  production and introduction into the USA, using Ford Consul power and a ZF gearbox.

Once ready, Reliant sold the car as the Sabre in the UK, where it failed to make much of an impression, with just 208 examples sold. The rest were sent to Israel in kit form. A few surivive there onthe back of the enthusiasm for the country's only indigenous car manufacturer.