Reliant Kitten (1972 – 1982) Review

Reliant Kitten (1972 – 1982) At A Glance


+Nippy performance, rear-wheel drive, light and economical

-Backbreaking driving posiiton

The Reliant Kitten was the company's four-wheeled counterpart to the Robin, and replacement for the Rebel. And effectively, it was a four-wheeled version of the original - and all that entailed. The Kitten appeared two years after the Robin, and created considerable demand in the first few months of production down to its low fuel consumption and high efficiency.

The visual similarity with the Robin was a side-effect of being closely based on the Tom Karen original – and in the Kitten's creation, Reliant produced arguably one of the first '70s UK superminis. In reality, the car was expensive compared with mainstream rivals, cramped and unrefined, but it was also the most economical four-wheeler  money could buy. Estate proved popular, and was quite useful.